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[sks@cloudspanner~]$echo “The Purpose.”

As everyone at some point in time must have felt of sharing his/her knowledge with people around the world, I too hold the same desire of sharing and expanding my knowledge by writing blogs. Yeah, you read it right!!!

It’s kind of a mission for me to get my hands dirty and start writing as this is a resolution which I have set for myself during the start of this year, i.e. 2K17 and it’s almost the year-end and till mid of November-17 nothing significant has come out.

So, the purpose of creating this site is crystal clear, i.e. is to build a repository of knowledge, the knowledge which I imbibed while reading, self-learning, & experimenting things at my job or off-job, spending numerous hours in understanding the concepts ranging from simple to complex and implementing them either in enterprise environment or virtual machine at my home lab or cloud environments from providers like Google, AWS or Digital Ocean. Also, I created this blog with the hope that it will motivate me to share some of my knowledge, and maybe something I write will eventually help someone else. Along, with that obviously, I don’t want to forget the thing which I learned over the years.

In most of my blogs I will try to cover the head to toe anatomy of the topics, so that reader will get the breadth of knowledge.

Easy right!!! Let’s blog it then.


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